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Refis is the specialist in reliability analysis: what is the failure probability of your software system; what is the capacity for defect correction you should anticipate; how much longer do you need to keep on testing?

Refis is one of the founders of the TOPAAS-model for software reliability and  together with the Eindhoven University of Technology we developed the SRE-tool for Reliability Growth Models  (RGM).

Refis offers the power to measure software reliability, and also project and test management capacity to meet reliability criteria!

Reliability analysis

Refis measures reliability and availability of software systems.

Management Dashboard

Refis implements Management Dashboards based on KPI’s

Test and project management

Refis takes responsibility in realizing software systems

Refis improves the quality of information systems, development and test processes.

In today’s society the reliability of information systems is getting more and more important. Information system failures have increasing impact and lead to more damage than ever. It is therefore essential that risks are thoroughly evaluated before a new system or release is deployed. We can no longer afford to take those kind of decisions based on gut feeling only.

Our goals is to provide that necessary knowlegde about reliability and failure probability. Therefore we aim at research, development, consultancy and training in Reliability Engineering For Information Systems.



In collaboration with universities, customers and colleagues, Refis is extending the feasibility of reliability concepts, improving existing tools and expanding knowledge and experience.


Together with customers Refis develops and implements metrics, which provide insight information in performance and efficiency of software development processes and products.


Refis consultants are reliable partners in development, quality assurance and control. Operating as consultant, project manager or test manager, their skills and experience contribute to an actual improvement of information process and business.


Refis training in testing, quality assurance and control and reliability engineering excel in feasibility and down to earth content.


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