Reliability Growth Modelling (RGM)

The reliability of software grows as more defects are found and repaired. This growth is not random but shows a pre-defined curve.
Statistical models describe these curves. Applying these models provides information on failure intensity, necessary test effort and expected number of remaining failures.

Refis applies Reliability Growth Models by using the SRE-tool, among others. This tool was developed in close cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology. It is programmed in R and supports state of the art models including Bayesian models.  The tool also provides trend analysis, reliability intervals for parameter estimation, goodness-of-fit analysis and extensive graphics and model comparisons.

Some known models are Jelinski-Moranda, Littlewood-Verall, Musa-Okumoto, Goel-Okumoto, NHPP, Yamada S-shaped en Duane.

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